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Congestion Charge

Yep, thanks, saw your bit in the congestion charge thing, up to my eyes in it at work so can't respond properly - do please have a go at it: it certainly needs an update now. :) Nevilley 21:34 Mar 27, 2003 (UTC)

Nice one, please see LCC talk page. :) Nevilley 21:13 Mar 29, 2003 (UTC)

London roads / It's Oliver!

Hello. I like your work on adding information about places in London. I'm not sure about the links within headings thing, though. I just think they look a little ugly. Sorry for moaning. :) Oh, and do you know why "London" is needed in parantheses after street names? I thought we didn't do pre-emptive disambiguation in general. Anyway, good luck with it all... -- Oliver P. 10:25 26 May 2003 (UTC)

Oh, I see; you're moving links out of headers. Thanks. :) -- Oliver P. 10:28 26 May 2003 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up Oliver. I did quite a few of them before noticing on Recent Changes the havoc I left behind that you and Mav were tidying up. I have done pre-emptive redirects in the past, not knowing the policy on it, but am happy to stop that. I wanted to finish off the roads on the London Inner Ring Road, have done that now and will clear up the headings and what not. By the way, guessing from your name and the fact you have edited Selwyn College, Cambridge, I think we did maths at the same college. If I am right, you were the esperanto speaker two or maybe three years above me. Pcb21 10:34 26 May 2003 (UTC)
Good God, it is a small world! Yes, that was me, but shh, I've been keeping quiet about my past, because people might start expecting me to do something useful on the maths pages. ;) -- Oliver P. 10:46 26 May 2003 (UTC)
Hmm, Peter Bartlett... That name does ring a bell... Well, I hope you did better in your degree than I did. I accidentally failed to do any work at Selwyn, by spending too much time on the Internet. Nothing has changed, unfortunately... By the way, I've corrected your link to the Selwyn article above - feel free to add to it if you want. :) -- Oliver P. 10:52 26 May 2003 (UTC)
Yep that's me. Started there 1997. Strange that, despite the Selwyn article being fairly short at the moment, my mind can't come up with anything to add to it. Selwyn, and uni life in general, seemed so important at the time but distinctly less so now! -- Pcb21 11:02 26 May 2003 (UTC)
I started there in 1994. Damn, now I've given away my age as well, so not only will people start expecting me to know about Maths, they'll expect me to act like a mature and responsible adult, as well. Ho hum. And no, I can't think of anything more to add about Selwyn, either. I think I must have blotted it out of my memory... Sorry, I'd better stop clogging up your talk page now. :) -- Oliver P. 11:10 26 May 2003 (UTC)

More London roads

Hi! I see you are auto-generating articles about London tube stations. The (also auto-generated) skeleton articles for London places (of the form X, London, England for various values of X) have links to nearby tube stations. As I recall, some sort of Voronoi map and bounding circle algorithm was used to determine "nearby". You might want to use this info to add back-links to nearby places from the tube stations. The Anome 11:46 28 May 2003 (UTC)

You might also want to see which points to a data file containing a topology map of the London Underground in a very simple format (scroll down to see) -- the data in which is (presumably) OK to use as a collection of facts with no creative expression or selection. (IANAL). Not sure if the data is up to date, but errors can easily be corrected by manual editing on the Wiki. The Anome 11:57 28 May 2003 (UTC)

Hi. Thanks for the info. I will have a look at that and see what is possible. Also though, do you think the auto-generation of what is inevitably a stub is a good thing or should red links be left red until someone provides specific detail? Pcb21 11:58 28 May 2003 (UTC)

You might also want to note that has a list of lat/long GPS coordinates of tube stations, so you can generate the appropriate directions, for example, in the case of Oxford Circus tube station...

The Anome 12:32 28 May 2003 (UTC)