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Hi, my name is Jakob Voß. I studied computer science and library science at Humboldt University Berlin, finishing with a masters thesis on informetric analysis of Wikipedia. Now I work as library systems developer at the Common Library Network in Göttingen, Germany and plan a PhD thesis in knowledge organization. I was member of the board of Wikimedia Germany 2004-2007 and I am still active in Wikimedia issues, for instance Wikimania program. I mostly contribute to the German Wikipedia. See also my personal blog at (mostly in German).

About my nickname[edit]

Nichtigkeit is German for vanity, nullity, voidness. The corresponding adjective nichtig is can be spelled like nich-tich [nɪçˈtɪç], while nicht ich [nɪçtˈɪç] means not me. But nicknames aren't important, are they? ;-)


"No one in the departement wants to be left out of the decision making. But no one is willing to make a decision" Dilbert (2008-04-20)