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St. Louis Blues[edit]

EMERGENCY! Infrogmation has vandalised your contributions to St. Louis Blues. Please ask all hockey fans to vote at Talk:St. Louis Blues to keep St. Louis Blues as a National Hockey League page and not a redirect to a disambiguation page. Thank You! -- 07:49, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)


You seem to have a problem on my use on the ConvertIPA template. As far as I can tell, each and every use of it I have made was legit. If you wish to discuss the validity of it's uses, you should do so on it's talk page or in a templates for deletion section, rather than in a rant on my user page. I've added details on the uses and expectations from the template in its talk page and you are welcome to come and discuss.

Several times I've added the template instead of just converted the page because it was not my task at hand. Early this morning (I'm on eastern American time, so that's between 9:00 and 10:00 am for you in sweden), I was actually skimming through Interwiki languages, regularizing the location of {{Interwiki}} before going to bed, occasionnally adding other templates (mostly {{IPA notice}}, {{lang-stub}} and {{ConvertIPA}}) as fit before going to bed.

Insert: I just noticed you seemed to mostly be angry with the adition of {{ConvertIPA}} to Estonian language. I must admit that one adition was most definitely a mistake, fatigue helping. I still think that you overreacted, though.

--Circeus 05:20, Jan 10, 2005 (UTC)