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Joseph "Joe" Clements is an Australian actor who played Senior Sergeant Allan Steiger in the television soap opera, Neighbours, from 2004 to 2007.[1]


Clements had a role as 'Simmo' in 1993 Australian sitcom Newlyweds,[2] and has had guest roles in Water Rats (1996), Blue Heelers (2001), and The Secret Life of Us (2005). Clements performs as Ned Kelly in a live performance of the outlaw's life story at the Old Melbourne Gaol on a regular basis. He starred in the 2001 movie When Good Ghouls Go Bad along with Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd. He played a minor role in the movie Yolngu Boy. Clements has been credited under the alias Jose Element, due to a typographical error. He also played an extra in Channel Seven's Thank God You're Here Season Finale.

He has also appeared in Transport Accident Commission advertisements playing the role of a police Senior Sergeant warning people against the dangers of poor road use.[citation needed]

Clements sang in a rock band, The Joes.


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