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Veil or similar may mean:

  • Veil, an article of clothing
  • Veil, a curtain or cloth hanging used in architecture, especially in a temple to separate a public space from a space reserved for the priesthood, or within a mosque to separate worshipers by gender.

Veil or similar may also mean:

In biology[edit]

  • Veil (mycology), in mycology is a part of some fungi
  • Veil, a name given to the caul, a membrane sometimes found on the face of a newborn child
  • A yeast film similar to flor, developing at the surface of wine in a barrel

Family name[edit]

Popular culture[edit]

In fiction[edit]

  • Veil (comics), a mutant in the Marvel Comics universe.
  • Veil, a 5 issue mini series by Dark Horse Comics
  • Veil, a character in the Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game series
  • The Lifted Veil, lost 1917 silent starring Ethel Barrymore
  • The Veil, a 1958 American horror/suspense anthology television series
  • The Veil (2016 film), a 2016 film directed by Phil Joanou and starring Jessica Alba
  • The Veil (2017 film), a 2017 film directed by Brent Ryan Green
  • Veil, a subordinate gateway realm that connects reality with the Black Sun dimension in the 2009 video game Wolfenstein

In music[edit]

In other uses[edit]

  • Veil (cosmetics), used to fixate the makeup and give a finish
  • VEIL, an acronym for Video Encoded Invisible Light, a technology for encoding low-bandwidth digital data bitstream in video signal for communication, also used as a Digital Rights Management tool

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