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Yakut: Өлүөхүмэ
Olyokma river.jpg
View of the river
Olyokma is located in Sakha Republic
Location in the Sakha Republic, Russia
CountryYakutia, Russia
Physical characteristics
 • locationMuroy Range, Olyokma-Stanovik Highlands
 • coordinates53°44′42″N 117°20′16″E / 53.74500°N 117.33778°E / 53.74500; 117.33778
 • elevation1,500 m (4,900 ft)
 • location
 • coordinates
60°22′27″N 120°40′40″E / 60.37417°N 120.67778°E / 60.37417; 120.67778
 • elevation
115 m (377 ft)
Length1,436 km (892 mi)
Basin size210,000 km2 (81,000 sq mi)
 • average1,990 m3/s (70,000 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionLenaLaptev Sea

The Olyokma (Russian: Олёкма, Olyokma, IPA: [ɐˈlʲɵkmə];[1] Yakut: Өлүөхүмэ, Ölüöxüme[1]) is a tributary of the Lena in eastern Siberia.


In the summer of 1631, Russian pioneer Pyotr Beketov entered the Olyokma during his first voyage down the Lena and in 1636 he founded the present-day city of Olyokminsk near the mouth of the river on the left bank of Lena.[2]

Yerofey Khabarov used this river's route to travel from the Lena to the Amur during his mid-17th century expeditions.[1]


The river is 1,436 kilometres (892 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 210,000 square kilometres (81,000 sq mi).[3] The Olyokma rises in the Muroy Range, Olyokma-Stanovik Highlands (Олёкминский Становик), west of Mogocha. It flows north through remote terrain before joining the Lena near Olyokminsk.[4]

To the west is the Vitim, to the south the Shilka and Amur, and to the east the upper Aldan. Its right tributary, the Tungir [Wikidata], leads to a portage to the Shilka. Other tributaries are the Nyukzha [Wikidata] and the Chara.[2]

River location
Basin of the Lena

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